8th BIWC, Sofia, 5-9 June 2019
National Palace of Culture
Open Air Festival
8th BIWC, Sofia, 5-9 June 2019
National Palace of Culture
Open Air Festival

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7 June 2019 (Friday)

18:30 - 19:30 - "Retsina + Greek Meze = The winning combination for a tasty Greek summer"  - speakers Konstantinos Lazarakis MW, chairman of BIWC and chef Giorgos Hrisanidis

The Greeks have favored retsina since the earliest days of ancient winemaking, when they used pine resin to line and seal terracotta amphoras. Nowadays, mass-market retsina, sold in clear 0,5 l bottles with crown caps, is usually the cheapest wine available in Greece. 

But retsina appears to be undergoing a renaissance! 

The producers who have embraced retsina are not trying to transform it into a profound wine, a collectible or a bottle worth aging to show its complexities. Instead, they want to turn retsina into a cultural tradition of which modern Greeks can be proud.

The master class of Konstantinos Lazarakis MW and chef Giorgos Hrisanidis promises to be very….. tasty! The great quality of contemporary retsina combined with modern Greek cuisine will make you feel like you are on holiday on a Greek island! 

Wines in the Master class:

Papagiannakos Retsina

Mylonas Retsina

Kechris Tear of the Pine 

Kechris Afros

Tetramythos Retsina

Gaia Retsina


8 June 2019 (Saturday)

12:30 - 13:30 - "Turkey - unknown, mysterious and attractive. The modern character of Turkish wines, combined with traditional Turkish cuisine"- speaker Serhat Narsap, DipWSET 

Turkey is a heir to one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Although the modern period of Turkish wine production dates back to just a century, Turkish wine is currently winning fans from all continents. From Anatolia to the European part, Turkish wines, especially the ones from local varieties, are impressive. Combined with one of the most delicious cuisines, Turkish wine will win you for life.

The master class of Serhat Narsap - top wine specialist living in London will be a pleasure for the senses - everything prepared and served with charm, smile and skill can not be forgotten. A Truth, the Turks master to perfection!

Wines in the Master class:

Arcadia Nareen Sparkling wine 2015

Arda Papaskarası blanc de noirs 2018

Suvla reserve Kınalı yapıncak 2017

Mmg Bornova misketi 2017

Vinolus Kalecik karası 2018 

Chamlija Papaskarası 2016


17:00 – 18:00  - ''Tamta Khalvashi presents Taste of Georgia & Georgian Wines'' – speaker Tamta Khalvashi

Born in Georgia and raised in France Tamta spent most of her life in Paris. She graduated from Ferrandi Paris, the French School of Culinary Arts. After having worked in Michelin starred restaurants in France, she decided to createher culinary school oriented towards French cuisine. A few years later, her dream came true and she opened a French pastry shop and café in Sofia My French Gourmandises. Tamta Kalvashi gives cooking classes in herworkshop.

An expert in French cuisine, she has not forgotten her Georgian roots and will show her master class of making famous Georgian food.Special selection of Georgian wine will accompanied the exceptional Georgian food.

9 June 2019 (Sunday)

12:30 – 13:30  - Let’s shake it! Sexy Tamianika summer wine cocktails, compared with pure Tamianika wines ”speakers Darko Angeleski and Ivana Simjanovska

Cocktails based on one of the most famous Balkan white indigenous varieties, made with the inspiration and imagination of Darko Angeleski, owner of 5L Speakeasy Bar. His masterpieces will be compared with the finest Tamianika wines from Serbia, Bulgaria and North Macedonia. 

Have you ever tried a cocktail made from Darko? Have you ever heard Ivana’s fairytale based on Tamianika? You'd better join us, because this is the best way to spend your Sunday! We promise you will fall in love with this aromatic and tender white variety. 

Wines in the Master class:

Rupel Tamjanka 2018

Bratanov Tamjanka Late Harvest 2018

Chateau Burgozone Tamyanka

Lastar Tamjanika 2018

Budimir Tamjanika 

TemeT Tri Morave Sparkling

Chateau Kamnik Temjanika

Venec Koria Temjanika 2018

Tikves Special Selection 2018 


17:30 - 18:30 - "Vive Le Rosé! - Sea breeze, wind in the hair and Rosé in the glasses… or the most trendy Rosé wines from Bulgaria for summer 2019 " - speaker Rod Smith MW

Rosé all day? Stop and smell the rosé. Lazy like Sunday morning.. Brunch time...

Rosé is most certainly the 'instagrammable' drink of the moment. Nearly 3 million pictures on Instagram are tagged #rosé. Well, we also love it, and especially the roséwines made in the Bulgaria! 

Different rose color, with different aromas, but the same lovely and pleasant summer wines! Let’s hit them! 

One of the most famous Rosé connoisseur,  Rod Smith MW will bring the summer into our glasses. Join us in our special OPEN AIR festival spot!

Wines in the Master class:

Katarzynа - La Vie En Rose

Dragomir - Sarva

Kapatovo - Kapatovo Rose

Chateau Burgozone - Pinot Noir Premium Rose

Stratsin – Soulmates Sauvignon Blanc Rose

Villa Yustina – 4 seasons Rubin

Edoardo Miroglio - Brut Rose